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That Will Boost Business

With Nationalclec's most comprehensive line of call center solutions, take your company to the next level.


You Can Get The Best Merged Solutions From Nationalclec CX Engage

Cxengage is cloud-based, making it simple to access and distribute within your organization. Your data is secure and readily available, thanks to our unified design. CxEngage is the complete customer engagement solution because of its seamless system interfaces. Manage your company from the cloud, a single central location.

Increased Reliability

We ensure consistent performance and reduce the likelihood of failures or errors.

swift measurement

Rapid demand scalability and a customizable platform to suit your business requirements.

Reporting and Analytics

Eliminate the requirement for various tools and programs. You can analyze your company's performance with all-in-one reports with helpful data visualizations.

Genuine Omnichannel

For a smooth, multichannel experience, connect with your customers on their chosen channels.


To make the most of your client information, easily connect with your CRM provider.

Global Reach

You may access your desktops and programs from any device, including smartphones and tablets. Access that is safe, encrypted, and that tracks user activities.


Omnichannel Customer Experience

Ensure that all channels offer the same experience. Regardless of the medium, provide clients with a consistent and personalized experience. Irrespective of the medium, respond to customer inquiries promptly. By giving customers seamless support experiences, you can increase customer loyalty and confidence. Reduce or do away with the time agents spend responding to pointless inquiries. Make sure consumers' experience is positive and consistent across all channels.

CX Engage by the supernova is equipped
with the following channels

Text Message
Social Media


Give Customers A Better Experience

Utilize native voice and digital channels to provide an excellent customer experience. Support for multichannel interactions that are dedicated and ensure consistency for customers. Intelligent routing makes sure consumers are always connected to the appropriate agent. The automated self-service alternatives offered by Smart IVR increase client satisfaction while cutting costs.

Omnichannel Assistance

Allow customers to interact with your brand via their preferred voice, video, chat, and digital channels. Give customers an authentic omnichannel experience, including routing across all channels.

Workforce Participation

Utilize automated features to cut down on management time. With scheduled reports and notifications, update your team. From a single central location, keep an eye on compliance and performance.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI chatbots that can handle straightforward inquiries and forward more complicated ones to human employees can expedite customer service. Enhance client engagement using AI-powered virtual agents that simulate human conversation while providing details on company policies, goods, and services.

Contact Center With Video

Give customer service agents the ability to see and communicate with customers through live video chat. Enhance customer happiness by providing more individualized service.


With the best video contact center solutions, increase customer satisfaction. Take advantage of a cloud-based solution's scalability and flexibility. Increase the efficiency of your staff using desktop and mobile video collaboration tools.


Providing A Superior Experience To Your Team

Give your team access to user-friendly, productive, and efficient call center software. Improved staff productivity and efficiency will result in a beautiful customer experience. Concentrate on your company's objectives while knowing that capable agents look after your consumers. With our user-friendly interface, you can cut training time and raise first contact resolution rates.

Higher Agent Productivity

Giving clients a quicker, more effective way to be served across channels increase agent productivity.

Improve Customer Outcomes

By providing accurate information, omnichannel assistance can improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Agent effort should be reduced.

Reduce human error with readily customizable pre-call routines to reduce time spent on tedious duties.

Improve Agent Performance

To provide on-the-spot coaching and get real-time insights into agent interactions for different communication channels.


Important Analytics

Spend less time collecting data from various systems. Create reports with ease and see trends. Make decisions based on a single, reliable source of information,
and use actionable insights to influence your organization.



With The Most Flexible & Effective Call Center Software, You Can Relax.

We guarantee that your callers will always be connected no matter where they are calling.

Grab Everywhere

Engage your clients wherever they are and use whatever device they like. Contact them by voice, text, or live chat.

Participate immediately

The quickest approach to get up and running is with Engage Rapidly, which offers a seamless, individualized transfer process. With pre-built content and programs suited to your particular needs, you'll be ready to get started immediately. Our team of professionals will be by your side at every stage to ensure a successful transfer.

Engage Confidently

Your voice and video calls will always be accessible thanks to the worldwide distribution and redundancy of our top-tier AWS infrastructure. With space for up to 10,000 attendees, we can manage conferences of any size. As your business expands, adding more capabilities or features is also simple.


Perform Better With An Open Platform By Flexible Integrations

Using An API-First Approach for Seamless Integration. Connect with other industry-leading applications on an open platform. Integrations that are adaptable for successful digital transformation

Superior Integrations

Improve client satisfaction by integrating your CRM and other applications seamlessly. Data can be routed and used more efficiently through platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other important ones. Boost productivity by automating workflows between platforms.


Excellent Customer Journey

With Cengage, creating and implementing the ideal customer experience is simple. No specialized knowledge or programming is required. Utilize our visual Flow Designer to alter your customer journeys quickly. Without needing professional services, get up and running in minutes.

Utilize our contact center and real-time solutions to provide the best customer experience. First, pick a solution with the features and options that best suit your needs. Then, utilize our user-friendly interface and immediate deployments to get going quickly and effectively.


Through Flexible Integrations, Perform Better With An Open Platform

Depending on their capabilities and availability, route interactions to the optimal agent for the job. You may quickly adjust your IVR routing without contacting a developer.

Use IVR messaging to inform your consumers of essential updates.

Quick reaction to unanticipated spikes in call volume and the ability to make quick adjustments without affecting service.

Automatically adapt to the state of the site as it changes and reroute queries as necessary. By directing them to the appropriate information quickly and easily, you can keep your visitors satisfied.


Upgrade Your Contact Centre Through Nationalclec

Use video chat to personalize customer support. Improve client happiness by providing native omnichannel support. Reduce client wait times with compelling reporting and queuing tools.

Use Our Special Offer.

three-month license cost discount

Take advantage of free native and HD video for each agent.

commencement of a minimum two-year term


Make the future of work far more manageable.

With our cutting-edge technologies, you can future-proof your business. Simple cloud contact center and video meeting solutions. Seamless interfaces with top CRMs and other programs.

Revisit Your Contact Center

Reduce the time and expense associated with training while increasing agent effectiveness.

Financial Services

Financial Services provides a more intimate method of building client relationships, encouraging loyalty, and deepening trust.

Blended Work

Support a hybrid workforce seamlessly with a single solution. Give customers and employees the flexibility they require. Wherever they are working, keep everyone in contact.

Interface for Communications

Boost interaction and compatibility between various information systems


enabling patient support and care across several modalities. Increase the possibilities of your individualized solutions.

Quality Services

Invest in a communications system that can expand along with your company.